Taylor made strategy for your property

We know that every property is different and our Strategic Business Manager always meet with new owners to make sure we find the best strategy for you.


Actual case Study: Paddington

The case study involves a terrace house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space. The kitchen and bathroom have been renovated within the past 5 years and the property is air conditioned with an outdoor entertaining area. The property is located in a quiet part of Paddington with easy access to the city, cafes, groceries and a village shopping feel close by.

It is available for 12 months of the year and forms part of an investment strategy which complements the owners other investment properties. There is no mortgage over this property. After engaging Your Home Away From Home to furnish and fully equip the property with a budget of $55,000 the returns have been consistent and higherthan an estimated non-furnished leasing strategy.

The graph below shows the gross monthly comparison between an unfurnished estimated long term rental and the actual executive leasing return managed by Your Home Away From Home.



- Total rent paid Feb 2016 to January 2017: $88,209.00
- Total guests over past 12 months: 19
- Average nightly rate: $317.00
- Average night stay per guest: 15 nights
- Annual occupancy: 76%



- Estimated total rent for 12 months: $66,300.00

Please note: These results reflect gross returns excluding management fees and other costs such as wifi, Foxtel or like, electricity, gas and other running costs. Always refer your accountant or financial planner to confirm a complete financial position.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the future plans for your property.