At your Home Away From Home we never stop dreaming about ways to improve Home Hotel Living in Sydney’s most sought after suburbs. That means we are always planning and shaping the business and we delight in making sure our amazing guests and hosts enjoy the experience as much as we do.

Our team is as carefully curated as our properties and all have one thing in common - we are passionate about creating the ultimate guest and host experiences. This means consistently delivering the best property solutions and service, every day.

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Steve Keir


Prior to becoming CEO at Your Home Away From Home, Steve had an extensive career in various Director roles at some of Australia’s leading Financial Institutions. 

Steve welcomes the sharing economy and is excited about creating new standards around impeccable travel experiences for corporate and private travellers alike.



Monique Eyles


Leaving a successful career as a Director in the banking world for her passion of beautiful homes and interior design, Monique has been growing Your Home Away From Home for the past six years. Monique loves uncovering unique and exceptional properties that will excite even the most discerning guest.

Daina Marie Photography Images (2016)

Jon Wightwick

Head of strategic growth and owner relations

Jon has over twenty years experience in managing, investing and developing residential properties internationally. 

Jon is passionate about understanding clients specific needs and guiding them to great decisions in order to maximize their propertys opportunities.


Maria Thompson

Head of bookings, guest services and travel partner relations

Maria has an extensive background in financial markets, responsible for risk, management and HR functions.

As the owner of rental properties in this popular space as well as a frequent traveller she truly understands the needs and expectations of our guests.


Dale Smith

Head of property management, operations and quality control

Prior to joining Your Home Away From Home, Dale had several roles in Retail management for some of Australias major household names. 

Dales is all about attention to detail, handling all service aspects of new properties, listed properties and our guest needs.